Tuesday, 2 August 2011

July News from Goa

Here is my latest news bulletin from Goa. I am back in the UK for a while now, having spent the last 6 months working in Goa. My time there has gone very quickly but it's been hugely challenging and rewarding. Click on the following link to read the latest news, which features photos of my holiday in Agonda (Southern Goa); updates about life in the school and community of Santa Cruz; and a report about my visit to the slums of Mumbai.

Click here: - July News from Goa

Alternatively, if you find there is too much too read, just have a look at the photos below, and click them to get an enlargement.

Primary School and General Store in the Village of Agonda

Barber Shop and Internet Cafe in the Main Shopping Street

Beach and Fishing Boats in Palolem, near Agonda

Favourite Cafe in Agonda - Chai made with Milk and lots of Sugar

Accommodation by the Beach in Agonda - 'Non-Suits' Rooms?

Remote Beach Cafe and Village somewhere near Agonda

See what's on the Menu in Agonda - and it's not Monkey

Fisherman bringing in their Nets at Agonda Beach

Cows Crossing the Bridge and Feeding on the Beach in Agonda

Crossing the River with the Car on the Boat - or Canoeing

Guess what this is lying on the Road - Colva Beach on a Windy Day

Deserted Beaches in Southern Goa - except for Lifeguards

Trip on Traditional Fishing Boat on River near Palolem

School Office with Refurbished Computers - Class Working

Potholes worsen but Football continues whatever the weather

Mobile Food Stalls in Santa Cruz - Mangos are still Plentiful

Watching Wildlife Films in School - Children at the Barber

Teaching children from Mumbai's Slums on the 'Vision Rescue' Bus

Distributing Food to Children from Mumbai's Slums