Saturday, 11 June 2011

May/June News from Goa

Here is my latest news bulletin from Goa. Holidays are over for the children and it's the start of the monsoon season and the beginning of a new school year. Click on the following link to read more news and see more photos:

Traditional Fishing Boats - A common sight along the shores of Goa

Boys from the home having fun at one of the nearby beaches

Staff and kids relaxing at a beach shack - Followed by a mudbath

Elephant strolls into Santa Cruz - One of many rivers north of Goa

Monday, 6 June 2011

American Student visitors

We have had six American students in our school for two weeks.
They are from Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Today at assembly they told us about where they are from and a litle bit about their lives back home.

Did you know that Orkney would fit into Wisconsin 166 times?

 Some of the students come from small towns and others from bigger cities.

 Perhaps you have heard of the famous American football team, 'The Green Bay Packers'.
They won the Superbowl!

Wisconsin is famous for dairy produce so we all learned the Wisconsin Milk Song!