Thursday, 24 June 2010

Spirit Dancer

Spirit Dancer visited the school today.
P3/4 got a chance to sit inside the canoe.

James played the pipes.

It was a celebration for the P3/4 class who have had a link with a school in Canada this year.
The link was established through the canoe family who paddled the Spirit Dancer in Orkney last year.
This week there are more opportunities for members of the local community and families to paddle the canoe around Orkney.

Lots of people came to see the canoe and listen to James play.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tommy from Trinidad

Tommy and Sally the sea turtles with visitors at Sans Souci school in Trinidad.
Our exchange travel buddy Tommy the sea turtle is preparing for the long journey to Orkney!
Will he bring news about Patrick's adventures?
More news here.

Fair Trade guests

Raymond Kimaro, Chair of the African Fair trade Network, shows Class 3 where Tanzania is.
Today we welcomed Raymond Kimaro to our school. He came all the way from Tanzania to tell us about how Fairtrade makes a difference to the lives of people in Africa.

At a whole school assembly Raymond and Betsy Reed, Director of the Scottish Fair Trade Forum,
explained how fairtrade works and how we can all help work towards Scotland becoming a fair trade nation.
Raymond told us about the lives of typical coffee farmers who farm on the slopes of Kilimanjaro and how hard life can be for them and how fair trade can help. Fair trade can even help the environment by giving out tree seedlings for people to plant in order to replace the trees they are forced to cut down for fuel.

Class 3 drummed and sang their Kuapa Kokoo song.

Reporters from the local papers asked questions and took photographs.
Many thanks to Betsy and Raymond for visiting our school.